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After having gone through way too many treatment guides both during my own quest to find a cure and also in researching for this site, I can only really recommend 2 products that are worth your while. These cater not only to teeth grinding or bruxism treatment but also TMJ treatment which is the overall underlying cause. Here are my picks for the Top 2 Teeth Grinding Treatment Guides that work:

*I should let you know that the below links to the treatment guides are affiliate links. This means that I get a commission when you purchase the guide that suits you best. It’s not much but it helps keep this site running and buys me a few coffees now and then; it also does not affect your price point as a consumer. More importantly, I’d like to stress that my reviews are not biased/affected because of this. I really have gone through at least more than 10+ other treatment guides/programs (before and after my own treatment process) to narrow it down to the guides I am confident will work based on my own experience.


1st Choice : TMJ No More

TMJ Help Program

TMJ No More

Author: Sandra Carter (Therapist, Former TMJ Sufferer)

Review: I only wish I had found this sooner. This is not the program I personally used to treat my teeth grinding but this was one of the many products I bought to review. Turns out this was far better than the one I used which is ranked 2nd Choice below. Some of the methods of treatment are similar to what I used but there were some more advanced information and in general more refined in its approach.

The information is comprehensive, detailed, well presented, and easy to understand.  A bonus of this program is that it works not only to cure teeth grinding but also TMJ for those who have entered into that stage of bruxism. If you are confused as to why I am recommending a TMJ treatment guide for teeth grinding, pls read my write-up on Teeth Grinding & TMJ.

Hands down the best program in the market that I know of  to treat teeth grinding / bruxism.

Support: This program has its own customer service team with access to the author herself which I think would be very valuable for those who have a not so straightforward case of teeth grinding or simply run into any technical problems. I’ve tested the support and they got back to me within 2 days which I think is a good response time.

Price: $49.00

Rating: ***** 5/5 Stars (Highly Recommended)

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2nd Choice :
Teeth Grinding Help Program

Teeth Grinding Help Program

Teeth Grinding Help Program

Author: Katherine Page (Former Teeth Grinder)

Review: This is the exact teeth grinding treatment guide that I used to successfully stop teeth grinding in a bit over 2 weeks. I am free of bruxism today by following the very easy and simple steps outlined in this guide.

This is not as comprehensive as I found the TMJ No More program to be but for those who may not want to get into so much information, this guide is as straightforward as it gets because of its sole focus on teeth grinding.

Whilst the guide is not as comprehensive, this program definitely works but if bruxism has already led you to more complex problems such as TMJ (which you may or may not realize), you would be better off with the TMJ No More program recommended above.

Support: I personally did not make use of the support during my own treatment but managed to test it for the purpose of this review. Support setup is similar to TMJ No More (direct access to author and backed by customer service team) but response time was slightly longer at 5 days.

Price: $37.00

Rating: ***** 3/5 Stars (Recommended)

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