Teeth Grinding Mouth Guard

The Splint

The teeth grinding mouth guard, also known as the splint. It’s probably the first thing medical specialists will recommend that you use. If it was a dentist, chances are he/she would’ve also told you to get a custom fitted guard for ‘best results’. A custom fitted guard can cost up to $500-600 and bear in mind that as you grow, the shape of your teeth and mouth changes. This may require you to get new custom made guards to fit the change. Pretty hefty on the bank account. Did I mention dentists will also tell you that you have to wear the teeth grinding mouth guard every night for the rest of your life?

A teeth grinding mouth guard serves an important purpose; to act as a protective barrier to your teeth when you grind. However, that is where the problem with a teeth grinding mouth guard lies. It doesn’t help solve the root problem of teeth grinding yet it is the ‘main’ and usually also the only solution that your dentist provides you with.

In serious cases of bruxism, a teeth grinding mouth guard can even cause more harm than good. For example if your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) has already unknowingly been displaced as a result of teeth grinding, having a foreign object in your mouth that forces it to be constantly open all the time (even if it is a crack) will put even more strain to the already fragile TMJ. This is also the reason why people who grind their teeth should lay off chewing gum or eating food that is very hard to chew.

Grinding Teeth, Grinding Money

I got my one and only teeth grinding mouth guard made at the dentist when I was a teenager. It cost my parents a bomb but anything to help their daughter fix her teeth grinding problem right? Let me tell you, wearing one of these mouth guards to sleep is not comfortable at all. Your mouth is constantly open ever so slightly which forces you to breath somewhat through your mouth and you will also end up drooling over your pillow. It’s very unattractive not to mention the lack of sleep you’ll experience which is funny since how a lack of sleep may have caused your teeth grinding in the first place.

In not more than a week or two (I can’t remember), I gave up on my mouth guard and it was left somewhere to rot. If you’re lucky enough, you will have the resources to pay for a high quality custom made mouth guard which is of the soft variety. If money is a problem, the hard types sell for less than $50 at the pharmacy but be warned, these are the ones that cause the most damage if you are a heavy teeth grinder. I read on a forum once that someone actually cracked their teeth and got bleeding gums because she was biting on the mouth guard too hard.

It is also very common to hear of people grinding right through their mouth guards. How fast this happens depends on how intense your teeth grinding patterns are.

Teeth Grinding Mouth Guards Are A Waste of Money

While I realize that some people may validly need these teeth grinding mouth guards because of the extensive damage already caused to their teeth, in all honesty I think the mouth guards are a waste of money. I know first hand now how fast bruxism can be overcome. Using the treatment route I followed, the most severe of cases I’ve heard of didn’t take any longer than 2 months max. My own teeth grinding condition was eradicated completely in a bit over 2 weeks and that was after over 20+ years of teeth grinding.

My point is, to get a custom fitted mouth guard for $500 that you may wear for maybe 2 weeks to no more than 2 months before you successfully treat your teeth grinding is a waste. The value just doesn’t tally but that’s just my personal opinion. If you must get a guard to see you through the treatment period, I highly suggest that you avoid the cheap hard variety as it is obvious how those can cause so much damage to the inside of your mouth.

Mouth Guards only treat the effect.
You Want to Treat the Root Cause of the effect.
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