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As very little progress there is on the treatment of teeth grinding (bruxism) in the medical community, I have managed to find a few studies here and there over the past few years mostly of topics that I have already covered here on the website. The study reports are usually very dry to read so I try to incorporate the information into the articles throughout this site as much as I can.

However if these complex studies are right up your alley, I provide a short summary of what these reports encompass with the main source for further reading. Mind you, although this section is labeled ‘latest’, take note that ‘latest’ in the teeth grinding world is not a very constant occurence. Some of the latest studies were carried out as ‘recent’ as 2007.

News reports of teeth grinding will also be shown here.

You can help me update this area by letting me know if your local media, medical or educational institutions publish reports on teeth grinding (bruxism) by using the Contact page. We also accept guest articles.

News & Reports

The Effectiveness of Occlusal Splints for Sleep Bruxism (2008)
Paper by Robert Jagger (Division of Restorative Dentristry,
Department of Oral and Dental Sciences, University of Bristol, UK)

Summary – This is an evidence based review of selected Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT) studies that compared splint therapy concurrently with no treatment, other occlusal appliances or any other intervention in participants who had sleep bruxism. The conclusion made is that there is not enough evidence to state that the occlusal splint is effective for treating sleep bruxism but there may be some benefit with regard to tooth wear.

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Guest Articles

Protection Against The Effects of Bruxism Using a Mouth Guard
by Dr Brux

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