In PAIN? Free Relief Guide

If you are experiencing pain from teeth grinding, that most likely means you have crossed over from the initial stages of bruxism (no pain but maybe a clicking/popping jaw) into something more severe such as the setting in of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD). You need to act fast in your teeth grinding treatment before things get worse.

Treatment is not going eradicate teeth grinding instantaneously overnight. It may take a few days to 2 months depending on how bad your condition is. An average time frame if you were to follow a proper treatment plan is approximately 3 weeks for most cases of bruxism.

In the mean time, here are some instant relief tips you can do right now to help alleviate any pain you are currently experiencing from teeth grinding:

A Step-By-Step Instant Pain Relief Guide

Step 1 :

Relax and loosen up your jaw muscles with a warm washcloth. Think of it as a mini sauna session for your jaw. Dip a washcloth into warm water, ring out some of the excess water and wrap the washcloth around your jaw region. Leave it there for about 2 minutes and repeat 2-3 times. Your jaw should feel signifcantly more comfortable now.

Step 2 :

Jason from JASE Therapy* situated in Chicago provides a very good instant relief massage technique. Follow his instructions in the video below and perform the massage slowly in an unrushed controlled manner. Be careful not to put too much pressure on your jaw when massaging.

Step 3 :

Repeat ‘Step 1’ and you’re done.

Feels better now doesn’t it? I recommend you perform the above every night before you go to bed for relief. It will also help get you a better night’s rest. You must keep in mind though that this instant pain relief guide is a temporary solution. The pain will return until you take the necessary steps to fully treat your teeth grinding condition.

Additional Pain Relief Tips

– Have a cup of warm milk or hot herbal tea (chamomile is good) before heading off to sleep.

– Sleep flat on your back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or on your side.

– When you’re feeling caught up in the day’s activities or significantly stressed, spend a few minutes alone to perform some deep breathing exercises. Take in a long, slow breathe through your nose and when your lungs are filled up, slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat this a few times until you can feel your whole body relaxing. Draw the air into your lungs in a way which will expand the stomach and not the chest. You can also do this exercise before you go to bed along with the other pre-bed routines.

– Avoid foods that are hard to chew and avoid opening your mouth too wide. Don’t chew gum either.

– Lay off the cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine.

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